Pensacola Fishing Charters

This week we have a special guest from Pensacola Florida. Captain Corey Maxwell from Doubled up fishing charters is a local legend and a great personality to be around. We had him stop by the shop and give us some ideas on what the best techniques are for fishing in Pensacola this time of year.

One thing Captain Corey told us is to use really big weights this time of year. 8-12 oz leads on 4 lb test seems to be best during the strong tides this time of year. When fishing for red fish it is important to constantly watch your rod tip and if you get a bite, set the hook and fight the fish like the dandy it is!

Another great technique is popping cork with a live shrimp underneath. Some of these fish prefer a slow presentation and the cork allows them to stay in the strike zone with little movements. This helps when catching speckled trout and red fish.

Another rig used this time of year is a fish finder rig for vermilion snapper. These rigs work great with a 3-6 oz bank sinker and and number 1 hook when fishing the offshore reefs in Pensacola.

Lastly another great rig is the twinkle fly. These small lures will catch anything that swims including bonita and mackerel.

Guys, when I tell you Doubled Up Fishing Charters is the best Pensacola Fishing Charters, I mean. Y’all give Captain Corey a Call and go Fishing if you get the chance.

Thanks again and we will see y’all next time!