A Little Bit About Us

Hey everyone and welcome to southtexasreport.com. I am Juanita Larson and I will be your writer and editor for this awesome Blog! Growing up in Texas we fished, hunted, and did anything we could to stay in the great outdoors! We are hoping to bring you useful information to help increase your catches while fishing. We will have some of the best guides in the southeast United States to bring us some of the best and freshest information on tips and tricks to help us catch more fish!

A little about myself. I grew up in Houston Texas and fished the local bay there frequently. I also spent a lot of time doing other things in the outdoors with my family. I believe this is something we are losing in today’s society and I’m hoping this blog could bring back a little bit of the outdoor life and combine it with family time!

I want to also thank y’all for checking out this page. I think it is a great deal what we have going on here and I hope it will increase not only your catches but also your relationship with your family! Thanks and God Bless!!!!!